Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy at The Delray Center for Recovery

Family relationships have a powerful impact on our overall health and wellbeing, and when the family system starts to break down, everyone can suffer. At the Delray Center for Recovery, we understand the multifaceted array of complicated issues that can accompany problems in the family system. Our highly qualified and experienced therapists help each partner or family member examine their personal role within the family dynamic and explore their abilities to contribute to a positive resolution. Through group therapy within the family and individual therapy, clients are encouraged and taught new skills to develop constructive relationships to facilitate transformation of the family system, improving communication and strengthening bonds.

A unique set of challenges faces families struggling with mental health or addiction issues. Couples and Family therapy is critical to help resolve family tensions and build a support network for their loved one. The quality of family involvement and support contributes significantly to a successful and long-term recovery. During crisis intervention and throughout the entire recovery process, multiple members of our experienced treatment team are available to provide balance and support. We offer a continuum of resources and treatments including child education, adolescent coaching, support groups and intensive therapy to help each family member face adversity with strength and peace.