Addiction Program

The Delray Center for Recovery Addiction Program

Making the decision to seek treatment for an addiction is not an easy one. The Delray Center is here to help you on your path to recovery. Our Addiction Program incorporates the most effective evidence based psychological and medical therapies to provide comprehensive outpatient treatment.

Addiction Treatment with the Delray Center for Recovery Begins with an an evaluation to identify the appropriate level of care. A customized program plan is then created for each individual, to ensure the most effective approach and best opportunity for recovery.

Our Addiction Program Includes:

The Phoenix Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Delray Center for Recovery offers the Phoenix Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) as the gold standard for outpatient addiction treatment programs.

The Phoenix Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Phoenix IOP at the Delray Center is the next progression of relapse prevention treatment that can follow either inpatient care or PHP. The IOP level of care is the essential transition between the more intensive care levels and regular outpatient treatment.

Addiction Dual Diagnosis Program

When multiple conditions or disorders exist for a patient, this is considered to be a dual diagnosis. Proper diagnosis and treatment is essential. At the Delray Center for Recovery, we recognize the complexities of identifying and treating clients with multiple conditions and disorders.

Addiction Treatment Outpatient Treatment

Treatment for Addiction has traditionally involved sending an addict to inpatient rehab for an extended period of time, or putting them through what is commonly referred to as the “12-step” program. The way that we treat addiction has changed dramatically over the last decade.