Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

For many years, the best way to treat alcoholism was to send the alcoholic to rehab for 28 days. The way that we treat alcoholism has changed dramatically over the last decade. Outpatient alcohol treatment has offered many alcoholics the help that they need to stop drinking and stay sober. Outpatient treatment programs for drug addiction and alcoholism allow patients to fit treatment into their everyday lives and cost much less than inpatient rehab.

Dr. Rodriguez Pioneers Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Dr. Rodriguez is one of the pioneers of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, having started with the development and extremely successful implementation of outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction. This allowed patients to very safely come off of alcohol, benzodiazepines and other sedatives with virtually no discomfort.

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment:

  • Reduced time needed away from work, family and other major responsibilities
  • Greatly reduced the direct costs of treatment
  • Opportunity costs of unearned wages from missed work
  • Lower costs of treatment allow for longer treatment courses
  • Prevent relapse with continuing care

Outpatient alcohol treatment is the ideal choice for individuals who need more affordable care and have obligations that prevent them from taking a month off of work or major life responsibilities. The emotional shock of reentering the “real world” after intensive inpatient treatment can be very difficult to manage. Many individuals early in their recovery struggle with the readjustment and often relapse. By receiving treatment in an outpatient alcoholism treatment setting with an appropriate step down from more structured to less structured levels of care, individuals are much more likely to handle the common environmental relapse triggers and remain sober.