Our Philosophy

Delray Center for Recovery Philospphy

A Holistic Approach

The Delray Center for Recovery offers a truly integrative medical model that treats the individual as a whole and utilizes evidenced based treatment from both western medicine and complementary medicine. We believe that many variables contribute to addiction, mood disorders, and other psychiatric issues, and that there is no single approach that is effective for all.

Personalized Care

At our center, each treatment plan is an individualized collaboration between the clinician and the client. Choices in treatment modalities are offered throughout the duration of treatment, specifically to allow clients to better integrate their treatment into their busy lives with the least disruption.

A Better Approach with Behavioral Therapy

Effective treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. The multidisciplinary Delray Center treatment team formulates an expert diagnosis that is the basis for the treatment plan. Many patients come in with an incorrect diagnosis that has to be corrected before the proper treatment can be prescribed.

Proper treatment has as much to do with a compatible therapy model as it does with the correct medication. The Delray Center has a “12-step optional” approach focused on behavioral therapy that can either compliment or substitute for the 12-step component of treatment. Approximately 1/3 of our clients work with both the behavioral therapies and the 12-steps together. Many of our clients are not 12-step receptive though, and work with the behavioral therapies exclusively. These individuals usually do very well and experience the greatest success they have ever had.

Success is also a function of the quality of the professionals providing treatment. We continuously seek out and recruit the highest quality professional talent. The collective talent, experience and qualifications of the Delray Center treatment team eclipse that of any other facility. Our philosophy can be summarized as a commitment to professional excellence with the goal of delivering the best possible care to our patients to achieve long term success.