Addiction Treatment – Outpatient Relapse Prevention

Addiction Treatment at The Delray Center for Recovery

Outpatient relapse prevention is truly the most important part of substance abuse treatment. The common mistake is to believe that the addiction is “cured” following treatment. Addiction is a chronic illness with an exceedingly strong tendency towards relapse. Without the proper psychological tools, individuals in early recovery are particularly vulnerable to physical and psychological cravings. A well-balanced relapse prevention program will incorporate group and individual therapy, medical treatment, nutrition, fitness and alternative wellness modalities to eliminate cravings.

What makes Addiction Treatment successful at The Delray Center for Recovery?

The most successful outpatient relapse prevention treatment regimens are those that can be reliably sustained over a long period of time. Addiction Treatment must be effective, cost efficient, and time efficient for this to be possible. Treatment at the Delray Center for Recovery is designed with all of these needs in mind. Individual and group therapy is structured to accommodate most work schedules. This also allows for the possibility to seek effective treatment without being absent from work. This helps to both maintain the highest degree of confidentiality (no one at work notices a conspicuous 7 to 28 day absence) and it allows patients to continue earning their wages. The length of engagement with a given treatment system is the single most important factor in long-term sobriety.