What Are the Risks of Subutex Addiction?

Subutex, the brand name for buprenorphine, is an opiate drug developed for the treatment of opiate addiction. Unfortunately, Subutex is just as addictive as heroin, morphine or any other opiate drug, and Subutex addiction causes detrimental physical and social side effects. Our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program seeks to help people struggling with Subutex addiction to taper off the drug.

Of course, it’s not enough to merely stop taking Subutex. You also need counseling to address the psychological and emotional causes of your addictive behaviors. Our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program provides that counseling, as well as comprehensive aftercare to prevent relapse.

If you’re using Subutex for nonmedical reasons, you’re at risk for severe complications and side effects. These include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Liver and kidney dysfunction
  • Respiratory depression and slow breathing
  • Low blood pressure
  • Painful stomach cramps
  • Sweating
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Inability to concentrate

Subutex addiction can also have social and interpersonal effects. These include criminal activity and damaged relationships with friends and loved ones. In our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program, we’ll address the social and interpersonal effects of addiction with family and group therapies designed to repair your relationships and restore your interpersonal skills.

As with any other opiate drug, Subutex addiction carries a risk of overdose and death. Overdose risks are especially high in people trying to quit, because they may relapse and inadvertently take too much. Our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program minimizes the risk of overdose by creating a substance-free environment during your treatment. The substance-free environment we provide in our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program can help you begin to feel secure in your recovery before you must face temptation.

During your time in our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program, you’ll be gradually weaned off of opiate drugs, probably using Suboxone, an opiate addiction maintenance drug that’s harder to abuse. Your dose will be slowly tapered down to nothing to minimize your withdrawal symptoms. Intensive counseling, nutritional therapy, fitness therapy, and alternative therapies like acupuncture will form a part of your treatment plan.

At the Delray Center for Healing, we believe you’re more than your addiction. Call us at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more about our Subutex addiction Delray Beach program.   

Subutex Addiction South Florida Treatment Programs: What You Should Know

Subutex is a drug prescribed to treat opiate addiction, but it’s become widely traded on the black market and is now the primary drug of choice for addicts. Subutex addiction South Florida treatment programs are essential because they help addicts overcome the physical addiction to Subutex, so that their bodies no longer need the drug to physically function.

The professionals in our Subutex addiction South Florida treatment programs understand that a dose of Subutex is as powerful as a high dose of methadone, another opiate treatment drug that’s often abused by addicts. Subutex is not as tightly regulated as methadone, so it easily finds its way onto the black market. A person prescribed Subutex for opiate addiction can easily find themselves in need of Subutex addiction South Florida treatment if their resolve slips and they begin using the drug in a manner not recommended.

You need Subutex addiction South Florida treatment if you find yourself:

  • Using more and more to get the same effects.
  • Lying to your doctor to get your prescription renewed, or your dose increased.
  • Obsessed with getting more Subutex.
  • Becoming defensive or irritable when asked about your Subutex use.
  • Having physical withdrawal symptoms if you can’t get the drug.

If you have any of these symptoms, you may need Subutex addiction South Florida treatment. You shouldn’t just try to quit cold turkey without medical supervision. The medical professionals in our Subutex addiction South Florida treatment center can help you detox safely by administering medications to manage your withdrawal symptoms, or by weaning you off the drug. This is especially important if you have other medical conditions; drug withdrawal could put your body under a level of stress it’s not prepared to handle.

Got questions about our Subutex addiction South Florida treatment programs? Our specialists are waiting to answer them. Call us today at 1-888-699-5679.