Spice Addiction Recovery is Possible with Treatment in Delray Beach

Spice, also known as K2 or synthetic marijuana, is a conglomeration of plant materials and psychoactive chemicals. Manufacturers tout the drug as a safe and legal alternative to real marijuana. Meanwhile, lawmakers have been furiously attempting to ban its sale – citing its many dangers – but manufacturers manage to stay one step ahead of the law by constantly changing the chemical makeup of the drug.

Meanwhile, teens and young adults around the nation continue to fall victim to Spice addiction. We treat Spice addiction every day in our Delray Beach clinic, and we can tell you that recovery is possible. Here’s what you need to know about Spice and Spice addiction treatment in Delray Beach.

What Chemicals Are in Spice?

The truth is, no one really knows what chemical compounds can be found in any given packet of Spice. The chemicals originally used in Spice include JWH-018, JWH-073, M-694, HU-210 and CP-47,497. Some of these chemicals, like JWH-018 and JWH-073, were developed as analgesics but have been used in fertilizers. Other chemicals found in Spice, like XLR-11 and UR-144, are cancer-treatment drugs and have been linked to kidney damage in Spice users.

As soon as lawmakers respond to cases of health damage and death linked to Spice abuse by outlawing any of these chemicals, or restricting their use, the underground chemists who make Spice simply find some different chemicals to throw in their mixtures. That’s what makes Spice addiction so dangerous. The people we treat for Spice addiction in our Delray Beach clinic never really know what chemicals they’ve been ingesting. It is likewise impossible to pinpoint the nature of the plant matter used in any given batch of Spice.

What Are the Signs of Spice Addiction?

If someone you care about – or even you yourself – are exhibiting any of these signs of spice addiction, seek help from our Delray Beach rehab right away. Spice has been known to cause brain damage, kidney damage and death after just one use.

You need Spice addiction treatment at our Delray Beach rehab if:

  • Your Spice abuse is interfering with your work, school or family responsibilities
  • Your Spice abuse is causing legal problems
  • Your Spice abuse is causing relationship problems – the people we treat for Spice addiction at our Delray Beach rehab have often lost romantic relationships, friends and even family ties
  • Your Spice abuse is causing you to take risks – the people we treat for Spice addiction in our Delray Beach facility have driven under the influence of Spice or had unprotected sex while high, for example
  • You have built a tolerance to Spice
  • You have physical withdrawal symptoms if you don’t take Spice
  • You use more often or in larger quantities than you planned – the people we treat for Spice addiction at our Delray Beach clinic say they feel they’ve lost control over their use of Spice
  • Finding and using Spice is the most important thing in your life
  • You’re no longer doing any of the things you used to enjoy before you started using Spice
  • You keep using Spice despite knowing the dangers and knowing that it’s hurting you and destroying your life

If these symptoms of Spice addiction sound familiar, seek help from our Spice addiction treatment team in Delray Beach before it’s too late.

How Is Spice Addiction Treated?

Our Delray Beach Spice addiction program is a holistic addiction treatment program that uses a combination of alternative and traditional therapies to provide the best Spice addiction treatment available. When you enter our program for Spice addiction treatment in Delray Beach, you’ll benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition and fitness therapy, family therapy, arts therapy, and more – all in the beautiful therapeutic setting that is Delray Beach.

The goal of our Delray Beach Spice addiction treatment plan is not just to help you stop using Spice, but to give you the life skills you need to make long term recovery truly possible. Even if you’ve been to rehab for Spice addiction before, the qualified specialists on our Delray Beach addiction treatment team can help. Call us today at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more.

Spice Addiction in South Florida

The news stories these days tell of bad experiences due to spice, and with spice addiction in South Florida it is becoming a major problem all over. Spice is a legal form of drugs sold at gas stations and convenience stores, and its even sold online. It is considered a legal marijuana type  of drug that has similar chemical structure and also has similar effects on the mind. In today’s market, spice is considered a designer drug. 

This is mainly due in part to the modifications being made in order to take advantages of the loopholes in the legal system. Synthetic cannabis is relatively new and not illegal in most of the United States and South Florida, making it difficult to regulate and almost undetectable. Even though they have similar feelings of being high, spice is much more addictive and much more dangerous. Spice has been known to cause heart attacks, seizures, even death for some people who use it, even after 1 time.

With the rise of marijuana addiction currently happening amongst teenagers and young adults, it’s no wonder spice addiction in South Florida is a problem. Its easy to obtain and does not show up on drug tests currently so people who are on probation or get drug screened at work can not be caught getting high. These “benefits” come at an unfortunate price to one’s health however. The Delray Beach Center for Healing can help you or a loved one recover from this terrible addiction and lead a better and more fulfilling life.

Programs are made to fit the individual needs of the person and both inpatient and outpatient treatment options are available. You are not alone in your struggle with spice addiction in South Florida, and you can start feeling better now. Just give us a call as soon as possible.