Outpatient Detox in Delray Beach Is an Affordable, Effective Alternative to Inpatient Rehab

If you’re struggling with drug addiction but don’t have the time or money to go to a residential treatment facility, our program for outpatient detox in Delray Beach may be the answer. Outpatient detox provides the treatment you need to get off drugs at a lower cost, and with a less intensive time commitment, than inpatient treatment at a residential facility.

The Advantages of Outpatient Detox in Delray Beach

If you’re trying to choose between our Delray Beach outpatient detox program and a residential treatment program, you’re probably wondering what the advantages of outpatient treatment really are. One clear advantage of outpatient detox is the greatly reduced cost – a study by Open Minds Consulting in February 2011 found that ten weeks of outpatient rehab costs just $6,863 on average at treatment centers around the country, while 28 days – just four weeks! – of inpatient rehab cost $19,067 on average at rehabs around the country. It doesn’t take a mathematician to notice what a huge difference that is!

Our program for outpatient drug detox in Delray Beach also has some other undeniable advantages. You’ll be able to remain at home with your family – there’s no need to worry about missing important occasions with the kids or explaining your absence to them. Nor will you have to make up an excuse to explain your absence to friends, neighbors, co-workers or relatives.

When you choose our outpatient drug detox program in Delray Beach, you’ll be able to keep going to work or school. You won’t have to take a medical leave of absence to go away for residential rehab for weeks or months. Our flexible schedule allows you to seek treatment whenever it’s convenient for you.

You can also extend your treatment as long as you need to in order to meet your goals when you choose to enroll in our Delray Beach outpatient detox program. Though the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 entitles you to up to 12 weeks of medical leave per calendar year in order to seek addiction treatment at a residential rehab, will this be enough? You don’t know until you try. If it’s not enough, what will you do – forego getting treatment until another calendar year passes by, and take the chance of relapse and a general worsening of your condition? Our program for outpatient detox in Delray Beach lets you continue to get uninterrupted treatment for as long as you need it.

Is an Outpatient Detox Program in Delray Beach Right for You?

If you’re thinking of enrolling in our outpatient program for drug detox in Delray Beach, you should be able to fulfill some key criteria. Outpatient drug detox and addiction counseling works best if you have a fairly short personal history with addiction, and if this is your first attempt to get treatment through a program. In fact, if you’ve never been to rehab before, your insurance company may insist that you try an outpatient detox and addiction counseling program in Delray Beach before it will agree to pay for a residential facility.

If you’re going to give our outpatient drug detox program in Delray Beach a try, you should have a stable living situation. That means you have a drug and alcohol-free place to live, and you know your living situation will remain stable and dependable throughout your time in our Delray Beach outpatient detox program. Many people who attend our outpatient detox program live with parents, or a spouse or partner. Some even live with roommates. Most hold down jobs or go to school, or both.

Are You Leaving a Residential Treatment Center?

Many people choose to follow-up a stay in a residential addiction rehab with our Delray Beach outpatient treatment program, as part of their aftercare. This is an excellent idea. There are many fine sober living and halfway houses in Delray Beach where you can live during your outpatient treatment.

Have drugs taken over your life? Get your life back with our Delray Beach outpatient detox program. Call The Delray Center for Healing today at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more about our drug detox and addiction treatment programs.

How an Outpatient Detox Program Can Help You Keep a Normal Life

If you’re considering entering an opiate detox and addiction treatment program, you’re probably worried about how disruptive the treatment program will be to your daily life. If you have a family or a job, you probably don’t want to leave home for weeks, or even months, to go to treatment. The good news is, with an outpatient detox program, you don’t have to.

Starting an Outpatient Detox Program

When you enter our outpatient detox program with Suboxone, you’ll come in for your initial consultation in full withdrawal. It is very important that you come to your initial visit with Dr. Rodriguez in full withdrawal. That way, Dr. Rodriguez can be sure to give you a Suboxone dosage that will adequately manage your withdrawal symptoms.

You’ll receive an initial dosage and then wait until it takes effect. You’ll then describe any lingering withdrawal symptoms and your dosage will be adjusted. Once we’re confident in your dosage, you’ll be given a prescription and sent home.

How Our Outpatient Detox Program Works

The beauty of our outpatient detox program is that you don’t have to report to a methadone clinic every day to receive your medication. Suboxone has a built-in ceiling, meaning you can’t use it to get high by taking more of it than you were prescribed. This means that you’re allowed to keep up to 30 days worth of the medication in your home. Your dose will gradually be lowered so that eventually, you can stop taking maintenance drugs altogether and be truly free of addiction.

When you enroll in our outpatient detox program, you won’t have to drive long distances to get to a methadone clinic and compromise your dignity and privacy in order to get your medication. You’ll be able to keep going to work as normal, without worrying about scheduling your methadone maintenance program around your work schedule (which can be impossible, especially since methadone clinics aren’t exactly conveniently located). You’ll be able to go on business trips, weekend getaways and family vacations without worrying about missing your medication and going into withdrawals. No one will ever need to know that you are going through opiate addiction treatment.

Don’t let opiate addiction rule your life any longer. Call The Delray Center for Healing today at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more about our outpatient detox program.