Stay Safe with Our Cocaine Detox Delray Beach Program

Though many people believe you can safely go through cocaine detox at home, detoxing from any addictive substance is dangerous. Aside from the risk of physical complications, detoxing from drugs or alcohol carries suicide or overdose risks. If you’re ready to quit cocaine, you’ll be better off attending our cocaine detox Delray Beach program than trying to detox by yourself at home.

Cocaine withdrawal is accompanied by strong cravings for cocaine, inability to feel pleasure, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, agitation, and insomnia. People who use cocaine heavily for a long period of time may experience symptoms lasting for months after they stop using.

Our cocaine detox Delray Beach program helps ensure that you’re successful in your attempt to quit using cocaine. When you enter our cocaine detox Delray Beach program, you’ll be in a supervised, supportive and comfortable environment where you can focus on building the skills you need to quit using cocaine for good. With our cocaine detox Delray Beach program, you won’t have to worry about facing the temptation to use again. You’ll get the treatment you need from our trained addiction treatment professionals.

Many people who struggle with addiction also have a mental disorder. Sometimes people use substances to self-medicate for untreated mental illness symptoms. In others, substance abuse triggers mental illness symptoms.

When you enter our cocaine detox Delray Beach program, you’ll receive a psychiatric evaluation. If you’re found to be exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, you’ll receive treatment for them. At our cocaine detox Delray Beach facility, we understand that you can’t recover from addiction without treatment for any underlying mental conditions. If you have an underlying mental illness, getting treatment for it can greatly reduce your risk of relapse and improve your prognosis. That’s treatment you won’t get without help from the professionals in our cocaine detox Delray Beach program.

At the Delray Center for Healing, we believe in a holistic approach to treatment addiction, eating disorders, personality disorders and mental illnesses. Call us today at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more.