Why Should You Choose a Holistic Drug Detox Treatment Center?

The term “holistic” when used in medicine means to treat a patient as a whole person, rather than a set of symptoms. A holistic drug detox treatment center treats not just the physical aspects of addiction, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Here’s why you should consider attending a holistic drug detox treatment center.

You’ll Still Receive Traditional Medical and Psychiatric Treatments

A holistic drug and alcohol detox treatment center uses most of the same treatment methods traditionally used for drug and alcohol detox. If you check into a holistic detox treatment center for alcoholism, for example, you’ll still receive medical support and pharmaceutical treatment for your withdrawal symptoms. The same holds true for treatment of any other addiction.
You’ll also get to benefit from traditional psychiatric methods of addiction treatment. In a holistic drug and alcohol detox treatment center you’ll receive the same evidence-based counseling that you would in any other treatment center.

You’ll Also Receive Comprehensive Emotional and Spiritual Care

At a holistic drug and alcohol detox treatment center, you’ll receive care that considers your emotional and spiritual needs as well as your physical ones. You’ll be encouraged to explore your spirituality through meditation or religious activities. These activities can go a long way towards helping you feel spiritually and emotionally stable and centered as you recover from addiction.

You’ll Benefit from Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies, especially acupuncture and nutrition therapy, have been proven to be extremely beneficial for people being treated for addiction. In a holistic drug and alcohol detox treatment center, you’ll receive a wide range of alternative therapies designed to help you cope with withdrawals and stress, as well as heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from the damage done by addiction.

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