Delray Rehab for Dual Diagnosis: The Delray Center for Healing Can Help

If you are suffering from a concurrent mental illness and a chemical dependency issue, our Delray rehab can help. Admitting that you suffer from both mental illness and addiction can be difficult, due to the stigma attached to both conditions. However, you’re not alone – 37% of alcoholics and 53% of drug addicts also suffer from a mental illness, and 29% of people who are diagnosed with a mental illness also have substance abuse issues.

The Link Between Addiction and Mental Illness

At our Delray rehab, we understand that providing dual diagnosis care is vital because addiction and mental illness can feed on one another and exacerbate one another. While both addiction and mental illness may occur together and may be linked, they do not cause one another.

However, many people who suffer from undiagnosed or untreated mental illness abuse drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medicating. This can lead to addiction.

People who are at risk for mental illness may be more likely to abuse substances and substance abuse can create difficult life circumstances that encourage the emergence of mental health symptoms. If you are already experiencing mental health symptoms, substance abuse can make them much worse.

A Dual Diagnosis Requires Dual Treatment

When you come to our Delray rehab, you will be evaluated to determine if you might be suffering from a concurrent mental health condition. If you have been previously diagnosed with a mental illness, let the specialists at our Delray rehab know so you can get the treatment you need. Without treatment for your mental illness, you cannot recover from addiction – and vice versa.

Our Delray rehab uses a combination of traditional and alternative therapies to provide a holistic treatment experience. Your treatment will involve both addiction counseling and mental illness treatment tailored to your individual needs. At our Delray rehab, you’ll receive vital education about your mental illness, and learn the coping skills that will help you enjoy a happy, stable life free of substances and mental illness symptoms.

Don’t let a dual diagnosis keep you from seeking treatment – dual diagnosis patients can and do recover every day! Call The Delray Center for Healing at 1-888-699-5679 to find out how we can help.