Is Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Right for You?

If you’re struggling with alcoholism, alcohol outpatient treatment might seem like a great option. Outpatient treatment for addiction allows you to seek treatment on your own schedule, so you don’t have to take weeks or months away from work and your family to seek help. But alcohol outpatient treatment isn’t right for everyone. Here’s what you should know about alcohol outpatient treatment.

You Might Still Need to Go to Alcohol Detox

If you’re physically dependent on alcohol, it can be very dangerous to try to quit drinking without medical supervision. While only a small percentage of alcoholics experience deadly withdrawal symptoms, they are possible. If you’ve been drinking heavily for a long time – especially if you’re accustomed to drink every day – you should have medical supervision during your detox from alcohol. Outpatient alcohol detox is best for people who do not have a long history of alcoholism or who do not drink every day.

You Need Willpower to Make Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Work

While outpatient treatment is just as effective as inpatient treatment for people who complete their programs, completing the program is vital – and that can be harder to do if the only thing standing between you and another drink is your willpower. Alcohol outpatient treatment won’t provide the kind of supervision you’ll get in inpatient treatment, so you need to be willing and able to stop yourself from drinking. If you can’t, outpatient treatment might not be right for you.

Treatment Will Occupy a Huge Chunk of Your Schedule

Although you won’t need to take up residency in a treatment center for alcohol outpatient treatment, that doesn’t mean it won’t take up a huge amount of your time. You’ll have to spend three or more hours a day, three to five days a week, attending counseling sessions. Family and group therapy will be a part of your treatment. You’ll also have nutritional counseling, fitness therapy, and other forms of therapy. If you think you’re going to have trouble fitting this into your schedule while still fulfilling your other responsibilities, consider taking time out from those responsibilities to devote to your treatment and recovery.

At the Delray Center for Healing, we offer a holistic model for alcohol outpatient treatment. Call 1-888-699-5679 to learn how we can help you.

Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach Florida

Addiction is a brain disease that affects all of the brain including; reward,motivation, learning, and the ability to control your own behavior. Although not everyone’s path to drug addiction begins the same way, drug addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs to party with, however over time one’s ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised and seeking to consume the drug becomes the only goal. Due to the fact that drug abuse and addiction involve so many different dimensions and disrupt so many aspects of one’s life, addiction treatment in Delray Beach Florida is not so simple.

Those programs that are effective typically incorporate many components, such as addiction treatment in Delray Beach Florida, each directed to a particular aspect of the illness as well as its consequences on the person’s life and body. Successful addiction treatment must help the individual stop using the drugs, maintain a drug free lifestyle and do what needs to be done at work. This also needs to be done amongst family and within normal society.

Unlike other drug treatments or rehabilitation programs, The Delray Center for Healing believes each one of our clients have the ability to get well and remind our clients that achieving this is within their reach during addiction treatment in Delray Beach Florida. Once you’ve completed your designated program with us, we will continue to help you learn how to live each day in sobriety.  It is our belief that these are just a few of the contributing factors in addiction treatment centers. In studies it says that people who get out of their former environment don’t usually return to their former lives as drug addicts.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with any type of addiction, get help today.  Why not do so at The Delray Center for Healing. Receiving addiction treatment in Delray Beach Florida can happen sooner than you think.

Outpatient Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is one of the most potent things used in the treatment of opiate addiction, and outpatient suboxone treatment is very effective. Opiate addiction if very hard to come off of due to the fact that the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable, even life threatening, and having a medication such as suboxone helps with these bad side effects.

The Delray Center for Healing provides outpatient suboxone treatment for those who suffer from a bad opiate addiction and need help getting clean and sober. It is hard enough to have to deal with the consequences of your addiction, and the issues that brought you to this point in time where you are out seeking treatment. During treatment you must address many different things in order to start the healing process and get on the road to recovery.

And the good thing is that at the end of the day in your outpatient suboxone treatment, you will be able to go home and see your loved ones again, not having to stay at the facility overnight and actually live there. Suboxone will allow you to stay feeling comfortable while detoxing off of opiates, making the whole process that much easier for you and the people that depend on you. Suboxone contains a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone.

Buprenorphine is an opioid medication. Buprenorphine is similar to other opioids such as morphine, codeine, and heroin however, it produces less euphoric effects and therefore may be easier to stop taking. Naloxone blocks the effects of opioids such as morphine, codeine, and heroin.

To get more information on how outpatient suboxone treatment can help save your life and make the detox process easier, give us a call or email us as soon as possible.