DBT for Addiction Treatment Delray Beach Program – What You Need to Know

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, was originally developed as a form of non-confrontational therapy for the treatment of borderline personality disorders. It’s been used successfully to treat substance abuse and eating disorders, PTSD, OCD and other anxiety disorders. When you enroll in our addiction treatment Delray Beach program, you’ll experience the transformative power of DBT for yourself.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

All of your beliefs, behaviors and emotional reactions stem from your thoughts. To understand why you behave and feel as you do, it’s important to identify and analyze the thoughts behind your feelings and behaviors. Once you’ve identified the thoughts that lead to unhealthy behaviors and difficult feelings, you can replace them with thoughts that lead to healthy behaviors and positive emotions. DBT helps you do that.

You Can Get to the Roots of Addiction

Our addiction treatment Delray Beach program uses DBT to help you pinpoint the psychological and emotional issues at the heart of your addiction. While addiction is a physiological disease that causes real changes in the brain, the substance abuse that leads to addiction typically occurs because of past trauma or mental illness. Our addiction treatment Delray Beach program brings you peace and healing for your underlying mental and emotional issues, so you can enjoy a real recovery from addiction.

You Can Learn to Love Yourself Again

Many of the people in our addiction treatment Delray Beach program suffer from poor self-image and low self-esteem. After years of battling chemical dependency and the stigma of addiction, as well as any underlying emotional or psychological problems, it’s not hard to see why. Our DBT addiction treatment Delray Beach program focuses on helping you learn to be patient with yourself and others, and develop the interpersonal skills you need to be confident and cope with stress, so you can begin to respect yourself as a strong and resilient person.

You Can Be Self-Aware

Our addiction treatment Delray Beach program uses DBT to teach patients how to gain self-awareness. Through self-awareness, you can begin to see how your behaviors affect those around you, which behaviors you need to change, and how you can change them.

It’s time to say goodbye to addiction. Call our addiction treatment Delray Beach facility now at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more.