10 Reasons to Stop Drinking

If you’ve been thinking about quitting drinking, there’s no greater time than the present. Our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program can help you quit drinking while still allowing you to stay home, be there for your family and keep going to work. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of quitting drinking with help from our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program.

1) You’ll Have More Money

As soon as you quit drinking, your finances will improve. Of course they will, because you won’t be throwing away money on alcohol every day! You’ll have money to save for your future, buy nice things for yourself and your family, pay off your debts and enjoy your life. Think about how nice it will be to have more money in your pocket because you quit drinking.

2) You’ll Look and Feel Better

Once you enter our outpatient alcohol rehab, you’ll start to look at feel better within weeks. You’ll notice that, as your brain heals from the effects of long-term heavy drinking, you’ll lose that foggy feeling and regain your ability to think clearly. As your liver heals, your skin and vision will improve. You’ll experience fewer aches and pains in your body and your complexion will clear up.

3) No More Hangovers

Once of the greatest benefits of getting treatment for alcoholism is saying goodbye to hangovers, for good! Most alcoholics get used to the feeling of waking up with a hangover most, if not every, morning. When you enter alcohol rehab, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re now able to wake up without nausea, headaches or that feeling of general malaise that comes from drinking heavily the night before. And the best part is, as long as you stick with the recovery plan you make for yourself in our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program, you’ll never have to wake to that hung over feeling again.

4) Your Relationships Will Improve

Once you quit drinking, you’ll be able to be there for your family, friends and loved ones in a way you weren’t able to before. Your spouse or romantic partner will be happy that you’ve conquered your alcohol program, and proud of you. Your primary relationship will improve. You’ll be a better parent to your children. Old friends will come back into your life.

5) You’ll Like Yourself More

Once you enter our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program, you’ll begin regaining the self-worth you lost to addiction. You’ll no longer have to worry about embarrassing things you may have done while drunk. You’ll no longer have to hate yourself for your inability to control your drinking. You can face the guilt over your previous actions and move forward into a future in which you’re in control of yourself.

6) You Can Stop Being Preoccupied with Booze

If you’re like most of the people we help in our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program, you’ll find that, once you quit drinking, you have a whole lot of time on your hands. You’ll no longer spend most of your time drinking, planning to drink or worrying about having enough alcohol. That means no more worrying if you’ll have enough alcohol for the night, if you should go to the store, how you can hide your drinking, or where you’ll get the money to buy booze.

7) You’ll Enjoy More Success at Work

Once you quit drinking, you’ll be better able to focus on your performance at work, and you’ll be more likely to succeed. You’ll miss fewer days. You’ll even be in a better position to find another job if you want.

8) No More Legal Problems

Once you quit drinking, you won’t have to worry about being pulled over for a DUI, getting into a bar fight or having other legal problems brought on by your drinking. With help from our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program, you can resolve any legal problems you might be currently experiencing and move forward into a completely law-abiding life.

9) You’ll Have Time to Explore New Interests

Now that you’re not spending all your time getting drunk, you’ll be able to return to the hobbies you once enjoyed before alcohol addiction took over your life. You’ll have time to devote to the things you’ve always been interested in.

10) You’ll Feel Full of Joy After Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida

Though quitting drinking might be tough at first, after a few weeks in our alcohol treatment program, you’ll feel a renewed sense of joy and happiness. You’ll be able to take pleasure in the little things again, and wake up refreshed each morning with a renewed sense of optimism about what the day might bring.

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Working-Age Adults Most Vulnerable to Alcohol-Related Death

New data from a report released earlier this month by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention shows that the majority of alcohol-related deaths occur among adults of working age. A full two-thirds of alcohol-related deaths strike adults aged 20 to 64. This demographic accounts for 80 percent of the total years of life lost to alcohol-related casualties. If you are a working-age adult with an alcohol abuse problem, this should encourage you to seek help now from our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program; it could save your life.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption a Leading Cause of Death

Katy Gonzales, the lead author of the study and an alcohol epidemiologist with the Michigan Department of Community Health, wants the public to understand the risks associated with excessive drinking. “It’s really important to drive home that excessive alcohol use is a leading cause of preventable death,” she said. “It really is right up there with tobacco and physical inactivity, especially among working-age adults.”

Study Examined Alcohol-Related Deaths in 11 States

The CDC study examined death-certificate and alcohol-consumption data from 11 states: Florida, California, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Nebraska, South Dakota, Virginia, Utah and Wisconsin. In these 11 states, the researchers found that alcohol was responsible for about 1,650 deaths a year between the years of 2006 and 2010. The researchers further found that alcohol was responsible for a collective 43,000 potential years of life lost. Programs like our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program could have prevented many of these deaths.

The researchers used a computer model which relied on a list of 54 alcohol-related issues to determine how drinking may have contributed to death rates in the 11 states studied. The researchers took into account alcohol-related deaths from accidental causes like firearm injuries, car crashes, hypothermia and drowning, as well as occupational injuries and medical complications of alcoholism, like cancer, liver disease, high blood pressure, stroke, fetal alcohol syndrome and pancreatitis.

The addiction specialists at our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program would like to point out that the medical complications of alcoholism often take years to appear; if excessive drinking issues are addressed early on, heavy drinkers can avoid the medical complications of alcohol entirely.

Men and Whites Most Likely to Die from Alcohol-Related Causes

The study found, among other things, that men were more likely to die drinking-related deaths than women. The researchers also discovered that Caucasians are most vulnerable to alcohol-related deaths. Of the 11 states studied, New Mexico had the highest rate of death from excessive drinking-related causes with about 51 such deaths per 100,000 residents. Utah’s rate of drinking-related deaths was lowest, with 22.4 such deaths per 100,000 residents.

While whites were found to be more vulnerable to alcohol-related deaths in general, minorities were found to have higher rates of death linked to excessive drinking in particular. According to addiction specialists, this may be because minorities are more likely to live in poverty, and people in poverty are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Don’t Die from Alcohol-Related Causes – Take Advantage of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida has to Offer

If you or someone you love is drinking heavily, or binge drinking often, you or they are at an increased risk of death from alcohol-related causes. The specialists at our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida facility would like to emphasize the importance of taking alcohol-related medical complications and accidents seriously. The medical complications of alcohol include serious, life-threatening conditions that are difficult to treat and often irreversible. But with help from our program for outpatient alcohol treatment in Florida, even heavy drinkers can avoid many of the medical complications associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Entering our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program can also protect you, your loved ones and members of your community from the possibility of alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol-related automobile accidents in particular can be deadly, not just for the heavy drinker, but for the innocent people riding in the other car.

Don’t let excessive drinking destroy your life or the lives of those around you. With help, you can recover from alcoholism and go on to live a long, healthy and fulfilling sober life.

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Epilepsy Drug Could Prove Useful for Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida Has to Offer

Our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program could soon benefit from the use of the drug Gabapentin, a generic pharmaceutical used to treat chronic pain and epilepsy. A double blind clinical trial conducted by researchers at The Scripps Research Institute has found that Gabapentin effectively reduces alcohol consumption in people who are quitting drinking. The drug also has benefits for improving sleep quality and mood in people giving up alcohol.

Depression, Insomnia, Cravings Huge for People in Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida Offers

Cravings, depressed mood and insomnia are some of the biggest problems clients face in outpatient alcohol treatment Florida has to offer. Gabapentin is a safe and well-tolerated drug that could help relieve all of these symptoms for people in alcohol treatment. Of the 8.5 million Americans who struggle with alcoholism, few receive any sort of pharmaceutical treatment for it. While there are FDA-approved pharmaceutical treatments for alcoholism, these drugs have serious limitations. Gabapentin could fill the gap for many people struggling to give up alcohol.

In the study, which was authored by Barbara J. Mason and appeared in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on November 4, 2013, 150 alcoholics who had just given up drinking were treatment with either 900mg of gabapentin, 1,800 mg of gabapentin, or a placebo. Researchers found that, over a 12-week period, participants who received the highest dose of gabapentin refrained from heavy alcohol consumption twice as often as participants who received the placebo. They refrained from drinking at all four times as often as those who took the placebo.

In addition to reporting drinking fewer drinks overall, the participants who took the highest dose of gabapentin also reported significantly fewer alcohol cravings, insomnia and depression. They did not report any significant side effects.

Study participants who received the lower dose of Gabapentin also reported reduced alcohol consumption and cravings along with improved sleep quality and improved mood. Researchers say this stands as proof that the gabapentin did work as intended.

Gabapentin works by restoring normal levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in the amygdala, the part of the brain associated with emotion, anxiety and stress. A similar study has found that gabapentin may also work to reduce marijuana abuse in patients who are dependent on that drug.

Pharmaceuticals Already Have a Place in Alcohol Treatment

Pharmaceutical drugs for use in programs for outpatient alcohol treatment Florida has to offer have been around for years. Disulfiram, or Antabuse, discourages people from drinking by causing nausea and other unpleasant experiences if alcohol is consumed. Naltrexone, marketed under the brand names ReVia and Vivitrol, blocks the opioid receptors in the brain, which are the ones associated with feelings of reward and pleasure. If you use naltrexone while you’re in our program for outpatient alcohol treatment in Florida, you won’t feel any of alcohol’s customary pleasurable effects.

The idea behind these pharmaceuticals is to disrupt the pleasure-seeking process that motivates alcohol abuse and dependence. While they may be effective to help you stop drinking, they won’t do much good to ease the depression, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms that can accompany alcohol withdrawals. These older drugs are also unpleasant to use by their very nature, which is why many people in our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program fail to use them properly or at all.

Another drug approved for alcoholism, Acamprosate (also known as Campral), works in a way similar to that of Gabapentin to stabilize brain chemistry after acute alcohol withdrawals have passed. The results of the Scripps study indicate that Gabapentin may be for effective for people going through our program for outpatient alcohol treatment in Florida, especially when it comes improved mood and sleep quality. Acamprosate does not have any effect on insomnia or depressed mood.

The development of more effective pharmacological treatments for alcoholism may help many more people give up drinking and turn their lives around.

If you, or someone you care about, is addicted to alcohol, call our program for outpatient alcohol treatment in Florida today at 888-699-5679 to learn more about our treatment programs and what we can do to help you.