Working-Age Adults Most Vulnerable to Alcohol-Related Death

New data from a report released earlier this month by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention shows that the majority of alcohol-related deaths occur among adults of working age. A full two-thirds of alcohol-related deaths strike adults aged 20 to 64. This demographic accounts for 80 percent of the total years of life lost to alcohol-related casualties. If you are a working-age adult with an alcohol abuse problem, this should encourage you to seek help now from our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program; it could save your life.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption a Leading Cause of Death

Katy Gonzales, the lead author of the study and an alcohol epidemiologist with the Michigan Department of Community Health, wants the public to understand the risks associated with excessive drinking. “It’s really important to drive home that excessive alcohol use is a leading cause of preventable death,” she said. “It really is right up there with tobacco and physical inactivity, especially among working-age adults.”

Study Examined Alcohol-Related Deaths in 11 States

The CDC study examined death-certificate and alcohol-consumption data from 11 states: Florida, California, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Nebraska, South Dakota, Virginia, Utah and Wisconsin. In these 11 states, the researchers found that alcohol was responsible for about 1,650 deaths a year between the years of 2006 and 2010. The researchers further found that alcohol was responsible for a collective 43,000 potential years of life lost. Programs like our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program could have prevented many of these deaths.

The researchers used a computer model which relied on a list of 54 alcohol-related issues to determine how drinking may have contributed to death rates in the 11 states studied. The researchers took into account alcohol-related deaths from accidental causes like firearm injuries, car crashes, hypothermia and drowning, as well as occupational injuries and medical complications of alcoholism, like cancer, liver disease, high blood pressure, stroke, fetal alcohol syndrome and pancreatitis.

The addiction specialists at our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program would like to point out that the medical complications of alcoholism often take years to appear; if excessive drinking issues are addressed early on, heavy drinkers can avoid the medical complications of alcohol entirely.

Men and Whites Most Likely to Die from Alcohol-Related Causes

The study found, among other things, that men were more likely to die drinking-related deaths than women. The researchers also discovered that Caucasians are most vulnerable to alcohol-related deaths. Of the 11 states studied, New Mexico had the highest rate of death from excessive drinking-related causes with about 51 such deaths per 100,000 residents. Utah’s rate of drinking-related deaths was lowest, with 22.4 such deaths per 100,000 residents.

While whites were found to be more vulnerable to alcohol-related deaths in general, minorities were found to have higher rates of death linked to excessive drinking in particular. According to addiction specialists, this may be because minorities are more likely to live in poverty, and people in poverty are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Don’t Die from Alcohol-Related Causes – Take Advantage of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Florida has to Offer

If you or someone you love is drinking heavily, or binge drinking often, you or they are at an increased risk of death from alcohol-related causes. The specialists at our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida facility would like to emphasize the importance of taking alcohol-related medical complications and accidents seriously. The medical complications of alcohol include serious, life-threatening conditions that are difficult to treat and often irreversible. But with help from our program for outpatient alcohol treatment in Florida, even heavy drinkers can avoid many of the medical complications associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Entering our outpatient alcohol treatment Florida program can also protect you, your loved ones and members of your community from the possibility of alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol-related automobile accidents in particular can be deadly, not just for the heavy drinker, but for the innocent people riding in the other car.

Don’t let excessive drinking destroy your life or the lives of those around you. With help, you can recover from alcoholism and go on to live a long, healthy and fulfilling sober life.

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