Benefits of Couples Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Couples Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Addiction is never something that only affects the person who is struggling with substance abuse. It affects all of their loved ones as well, including their intimate partner or spouse. So, it can be helpful and important for people living with addiction and their loved ones to consider the benefits of couples therapy during substance abuse treatment. So, what are these benefits and what can couples expect during these sessions?

Some of the benefits of couples therapy for people struggling with addiction can include:

Helping to Identify and Overcome Problems

Addiction can bring about a number of issues within relationships. Using isn’t the only negative thing that comes out of addiction. Some issues that couples may face due to addiction that can be identified and faced during couples therapy may include:

-financial distress
-health issues
-legal complications

During couples therapy in addiction treatment, couples not only have the chance to identify and pinpoint relationship problems they may be facing as the result of addiction but also issues that have arisen outside of the relationship that has developed as the result of addiction. Therapy can help couples not only pinpoint these issues but also offer means to address these issues so that couples can overcome them and move forward in their relationship.

Identifying and Overcoming Emotional Issues as the Result of Addiction

Addiction can cause a number of overwhelming emotions for both the person experiencing addiction and their significant other. For example, some emotional difficulties that people in treatment and their loved ones may face include sadness, shame, anger, doubt, and guilt. Couples therapy allows couples to identify these emotional difficulties, share them with one another, and establish a plan moving forward on how to manage these emotions so they don’t continue to be a roadblock in their relationship in the future.

Pinpointing and Addressing Enabling Behaviors

Enabling is the act of helping a loved one who is experiencing addiction maintain the cycle of addiction. Typically, enabling is done out of love and is even something that loved ones don’t identify that they’re doing. During couples counseling in addiction treatment, your therapist can help you identify any enabling behaviors you may be portraying. And, identify things you can do instead that are more conducive to meeting recovery goals.

Identifying and Overcoming Relationship Issues as the Result of Addiction

Last but not least, addiction can lead to a number of relationship issues. Couples counseling can give couples a safe and controlled environment to explore relationship issues that have arisen as the result of addictive behaviors and emotions. During couples counseling sessions, couples are encouraged to share the relationship issues they’re facing and come together to explore solutions to these issues.

Using Couples Therapy at Delray Center for Healing Locations

If you or a loved one is living with addiction and is ready to get help, Delray Center offers outpatient mental health treatment services in South Florida. We provide our clients with a number of helpful therapy services, including couple and family therapy, as this can be a definitive tool in helping people move forward on their path to sobriety and long-lasting recovery. Find out more about our outpatient treatment services on our website today.