What Keeps People Who Know They Need It From Entering Outpatient Detox?

In the 21st century, outpatient detox for opiate addiction, using drugs like buprenorphine and naloxone, is an effective way for opiate addicts to cast off the yoke of addiction and return to a normal way of life. But many people who need outpatient detox for opiate addiction don’t get it – even when they know they need it, and often, even when they know that outpatient detox will be better than continuing along the path of addiction. Why?

They Can’t Afford It

According to data compiled by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a significant portion – more than 32 percent – of people who know they need help for a drug problem but don’t make any effort to get it refrain from trying to get help because they can’t afford it. Maybe they don’t have health insurance and don’t have the money to pay for outpatient detox out of pocket. While many facilities will work will people to produce management payment plans, some just don’t have the assets at hand to cover the costs. It’s a legitimate concern.

They’re Afraid of Professional Repercussions

Most outpatient detox programs – especially those using Suboxone or Subutex – all plenty of scheduling flexibility so that patients can stay in their jobs. However, many patients are worried about the potential repercussions at work if their boss should find out they’re an addict. In fact, most employers will support your recovery.

They’re Afraid of Embarrassment

Many people worry about what their neighbors, friends and relatives will think if they enter an outpatient detox for opiate addiction. This is a normal concern, especially with the stigma many recovering addicts face. However, no one should let mere embarrassment keep them from getting treatment.

They Don’t Know Where to Get Treatment

Not knowing where to go for outpatient detox is no reason not to get help. A little research can help you find a great treatment facility in your area – like The Delray Center for Healing. If you’re ready to give outpatient detox a try, give us a call, at 1-888-699-5679.