Suboxone Treatment Delray Beach: Are You Ready to Recover?

If you have been struggling with opiate addiction, the Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program provided at our facility can help you get clean and return to a normal life without suffering through withdrawal symptoms. But using Suboxone for opiate maintenance is about more than avoiding withdrawals. It’s about staying clean over the long term so that you can get the counseling you need to live a drug-free life. So when you enter our Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program, you can expect to be taking Suboxone to manage your opiate withdrawal symptoms for at least six months to a year.

Suboxone Is a Long-Term Opiate Maintenance Medication

Research supports the use of Suboxone as a long-term opiate maintenance medication. If you want to use Suboxone to get off of heroin or other opiate drugs, it’s best if you’re in it for the long haul. Studies show that the short-term use of Suboxone for opiate detox does very little to prevent full relapse into opiate addiction. To obtain the maximum benefit from Suboxone therapy, you should plan to remain on this medication for the long term – at least six months, but preferably for a year or even much longer.

Is It Time to For Suboxone Treatment Delray Beach Has to Offer?

The goal of Suboxone treatment for opiate withdrawals is to eventually taper off of Suboxone so that you’re living entirely drug-free. Few recovering opiate addicts will need to remain on Suboxone for the rest of their lives. But recovering from opiate addiction requires time and addiction counseling; just getting clean isn’t enough. You need to deal with the underlying issues behind your addiction, or you will eventually relapse.

We recommend that clients in our Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program remain in therapy for at least two years before attempting to completely stop using Suboxone. Remember, there’s no rush; while you’re on Suboxone you’re capable of living a productive life and functioning in society, but when you stop taking Suboxone, you run the risk of relapsing into full-blown opiate addiction. Opiate addiction causes physiological changes in the brain that may be permanent, but with maintenance medications like Suboxone, you can manage the symptoms related to these changes.

Are you ready to taper off of Suboxone? Here are some signs that you may be ready to stop using Suboxone:

  • You have been in our Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program from six months to two years.
  • You are at least 30 years old.
  • You have a stable job, and are financially secure.
  • You’re no longer hanging around with your old opiate-using friends.
  • You wouldn’t know where to get illicit opiates if you wanted them.
  • You have done addiction recovery work in inpatient or outpatient rehab, one-on-one counseling, and recovery support groups, and are prepared to continue doing this work.
  • You’re in a stable romantic relationship or you’re comfortable with being single.
  • You are taking your dose of Suboxone each day automatically, without feeling like you “need” it and without having a lot of complicated feelings or thoughts about it.
  • You’re comfortable lowering your daily dose of Suboxone.

Sometimes, when a client in our Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program first lowers his or her dose to begin tapering off of the drug, he or she finds that he or she can’t tolerate the lower dose of Suboxone. In other words, the client begins to experience opiate withdrawal symptoms on the lower dose of Suboxone. The point of our Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program is not to force a client to endure opiate withdrawal symptoms.

If you find that you experience withdrawal symptoms on a lower dose of Suboxone, or if you have trouble tolerating a lower dose of Suboxone for longer than a couple of days, you may still be able to slowly begin tapering off. We can try cycling your dose, so that you take a lower dose every other day, and your usual dose on the alternate days. Gradually, we can extend your cycle so that you are taking the lower dose two days in a row, then three days in a row, and so on.

Opiate addiction has the potential to kill.  Our  Suboxone treatment Delray Beach program saves lives. We can help you get off the roller coaster of opiate addiction and start feeling normal again as soon as your first day of treatment.

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