Some Fun Summer Ideas for People Recovering from Addiction

Some Fun Summer Ideas for People in Recovery from Addiction

Most people think of summertime as a time to get with friends, have fun, and party. But, for people in recovery from addiction, the temptations of summertime can make this time of year seem overwhelming and complicated. However, people in recovery can have just as much fun as people who aren’t sober. But, they still have to keep in mind that their recovery comes first. Fortunately, there are lots of fun summertime activities that people in recovery from addiction can do to both have fun and keep their sobriety a priority this summer.

Give Your Life Some Organization

Feeling like it’s time to renew your mind? A great way to do so is by organizing your space! A great summertime task is to clear your home and organize your space in order to have a fresh and clean slate to tackle the summer and the upcoming year. For example, go through all of your cabinets and drawers to find things you know longer want and donate them, organize your closets, clean underneath furniture, and more. When you have a cleaner and more organized space, you’ll feel that you are more open to ideas and even feel better about yourself.

Find New Peer Support With Groups

Sober groups are available in almost every location. These groups can help you connect with peers who are also sober and looking for people to hang out with who are in recovery this summer. Plus, having more peers who understand what you’re dealing with can provide you with the extra support that’s always encouraged for one’s recovery journey. And, will give you some like-minded people to do sober activities with this summer.

Do Things Outside and Soak Up The Sun

Being out in nature and soaking in vitamin D from the sun is proven to be a mood booster and improve overall mental health. So, what better time of the year is it to go outside and in nature than the summer? There are many summertime, outdoor activities to consider including kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, gardening, sports, hiking, and more! When you choose an outdoor activity in the summertime, you’ll never regret the time you’ve spent in nature.

Throw a Sober Party

It can be hard facing the summertime when it seems like everyone gets together to drink alcohol and party. But, there’s no harm in having your own, alcohol-free party with your sober friends. Gatherings don’t have to revolve around alcohol. So, throw your own summertime gettogether with all of your friends and peers in recovery, and ask them to bring their favorite dish or game, and their favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

Join an Adult Sports League

There’s nothing better than some summertime competition. So, if you like sports, search your local area for any recreational adult sports leagues that go on during the summer months. Whatever sport you’re into, go to a field or recreation center near you to find out more about how to join a league so that you can get involved, meet some new people, and enjoy the competition.

Getting Help During the Summertime for Addiction

Are you struggling this summer with alcohol or drug use? If so, you’re not alone. Fortunately, treatment can help you to establish sobriety and live a life of recovery. You don’t have to live a life of addiction any longer. Take the step today to get the help you need to obtain lasting healing. At Delray Center for Recovery, we provide individuals who are suffering from addiction with treatment in order to help them overcome the effects of addiction in their lives. Find out more about our outpatient programs and services from our website.