Outpatient Detox Delray Beach Programs Covered by Insurance

Many heroin addicts and their families don’t know where to turn to find help. But there’s no need to wait weeks or months to get opiate addiction treatment. Our outpatient detox Delray Beach program can provide effective opiate detox for a price most families can afford.

With heroin addiction ravaging the nation, and finding new victims among middle and upper-class youth, insurance companies are scaling back their coverage for opiate addiction treatment. Most insurance providers these days won’t pay for even seven to 10 days of inpatient care until an opiate addict has failed to improve in a lengthy outpatient program.

Demand for Opiate Detox Is Growing

Demand for heroin addiction treatment services if growing, in South Florida and around the nation. The numbers don’t lie; heroin use has almost doubled in recent years. In 2007, 373,000 Americans aged 12 and older said they’d used heroin in the previous year. By 2012, that number had ballooned to 669,000.

Experts blame the prescription painkiller epidemic. As Oxycontin, Vicodin and other prescription opiates get harder and harder to find on the black market, addicts turn to shooting heroin to get their fix.

Prescription painkillers make it frighteningly easy to become addicted to opiates, too. Few, if any, heroin addicts start out by shooting up. Swallowing a pill seems like a harmless, even normal, thing to do. Before he or she knows it, casual opiate abuse has evolved into addiction, and shooting up seems like a great way to avoid the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

More than 80 people have died from heroin overdoses in the past several weeks, among them noteworthy actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. These tragic deaths could have been avoided with treatment regimens like our outpatient detox Delray Beach program.

Denials of insurance coverage make it unnecessarily difficult for many heroin addicts to get the help they need. Many insurance providers feel that opiate addiction and withdrawals aren’t a life-threatening medical condition. They argue that inpatient care isn’t necessary for addicts who have jobs, families, homes and social support networks.

Our Outpatient Detox Delray Beach Program Works

If you or someone you love is struggling with opiate addiction, our outpatient detox Delray Beach program could be the answer. We use the most effective opiate detox drug, Suboxone, to bring immediate relief of withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone is an opiate maintenance drug, similar to methadone, but much less dangerous. Suboxone’s formulation makes it difficult to abuse, so an addict can take home a supply of the drug just as he or she would with any other prescription medication. You can’t get high off of Suboxone, and if you use heroin or other opiate drugs while taking Suboxone, you won’t feel their effects. That helps combat urges to use, as the addict learns that using heroin or other opiate drugs won’t bring the same euphoric effects.

Suboxone has been called the most effective drug available for opiate addiction treatment. By taking advantage of the use Suboxone, our outpatient detox Delray Beach program has helped thousands free themselves from opiate addiction using this remarkable drug.

You won’t have to worry about going through withdrawals when you enter our outpatient detox Delray Beach program. From the very first day you start our program, you’ll feel as normal as you did before you ever started using drugs. There will be no withdrawal symptoms, no roller coaster of getting high only to crash back down, no frantic hustling for the next fix. You’ll be free to stop thinking about heroin and start thinking about the rest of your life. Your dosage of Suboxone will be gradually lowered at a pace you’re comfortable with, so you can eventually free yourself of drugs altogether.

Our outpatient detox Delray Beach program combines Suboxone for opiate treatment with comprehensive counseling and holistic care to help you work through the issues that led to your opiate addiction in the first place. Most people who end up addicted to opiates or other drugs have underlying problems. Drugs and alcohol become a way to self-medicate and avoid facing personal demons.

If you or someone you love is battling heroin addiction, recovery is possible. Call 888-699-5679 to learn more about our effective outpatient detox Delray Beach programs.