Make the Most of Outpatient Drug Treatment with Treatment Goals

The primary goal of any outpatient drug treatment program is to get people off drugs. But if you’re going through, or about to begin, outpatient treatment for addiction, you know it’s not that simple. Getting sober and staying that way is the result of a setting, and achieving, numerous small goals during treatment. Here are some goals you should consider setting to make the most of your outpatient drug treatment program.

Accept Permanent Abstinence from Drugs and Alcohol

If you’re going to maintain your recovery over the long-term, you’re going to need to accept – and be happy with – the fact that drugs and alcohol can form no part of your life. It’s not okay to drink beer just because your drug of choice was cocaine, or vice versa. As someone who has struggled with addiction, you’re vulnerable to relapse and full-blown addiction to every substance. Make coming to terms with this a priority during your outpatient drug treatment program.

Find Your Triggers

Each person who struggles with chemical dependency has triggers for substance abuse. During your outpatient drug treatment program, you need to work at figuring out what those triggers are. They could be related to past trauma, personal issues, or certain feelings or states of mind. Find them and work on disarming them.

Develop Coping Skills

Chances are that, as an addict, you used drugs and alcohol to cope with stress and bad feelings. Your outpatient drug treatment program should help you find new, healthy ways to cope when life hands you a raw deal. These could include exercise, hobbies you enjoy, time with friends or loved ones, or making art or music, for example.

Work on Your Relationships

Your relationships with your family and friends – that is, those who support your recovery and don’t use substances or try to pressure you to use substances – are crucial to your mental and emotional well-being. Your old addictive behaviors did nothing to nurture these relationships, and may in fact have damaged them. Now is the time, during your outpatient drug treatment program, to begin repairing these relationships and working on the interpersonal skills you need to keep your relationships with others healthy.

Grow Your Self-Esteem

Addiction can make you feel powerless and worthless. During your outpatient drug treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to begin building self-esteem and self-confidence by learning new things and becoming a better person. Don’t let it pass you by.

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