Isn’t Outpatient Detox Just Replacing One Addiction with Another? Outpatient Detox Boynton Beach Programs Work.

Plenty of people who don’t have any personal experience with addiction, or who have never know someone who’s struggled with addiction, don’t understand the point of programs like our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program for opiate addiction treatment. Our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program, like other outpatient detox programs, treats opiate addiction by prescribing Subutex and Suboxone to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Many people mistakenly think this is simply replacing one addiction with another, and not doing the addict any good in the long run. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Programs like our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program are proven to work. Here’s how.

Outpatient Detox Helps Addicts Get Back on Their Feet

When you’re addicted to opiates, your biggest priority is getting your next fix. You see-saw back and forth from being drowsy and doped-up to being frantic with withdrawals – even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to focus on work, childcare, or other responsibilities. The physical effects of addiction are that strong.

Programs like our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program lets addicts stop the cycle of highs and withdrawals, so they can feel normal again all day long. With help from our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program, they can focus on working, taking care of their families and themselves, and going back to school; right away, they can begin to live normal, happy lives.

The Goal of Outpatient Detox is to Stop Taking All Drugs

When addicts join our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program, they’re given a dose of Suboxone and that dose is gradually lowered, or tapered, over time until they can stop taking Suboxone altogether and be totally drug free. While it’s true that some patients may take longer than others to achieve this, the goal is not to keep patients taking maintenance drugs all their lives.

Some might wonder, “Why bother with an outpatient detox? Why not just stop taking opiates cold turkey?” Well, opiate withdrawals are incredibly painful and most addicts can’t endure them without returning to use. It’s not because they don’t have enough willpower, either – addiction isn’t about willpower. Our outpatient detox Boynton Beach program helps bring withdrawals to a manageable level.

If you or someone you love is addicted to opiates, we can help. Call us today at 1-888-699-5679 to learn more.