How Yoga Can Help You Break Free of Addiction

At our outpatient detox Delray Beach programs, we use a wide range of combined therapies to free our clients from addiction. The therapies we use at our outpatient detox Delray include cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, and fitness therapy. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of yoga for addiction treatment, so you can better understand why we make it a part of our outpatient detox Delray Beach program.

When practiced as part of our outpatient detox Delray Beach program, yoga can help you overcome the negative emotional state that you may be feeling as a result of your addictive behaviors, or that led to your addictive behaviors in the first place. People who struggle with addiction have often spent years or decades trying to hide from unpleasant feelings, memories and circumstances. By practicing yoga in our outpatient detox Delray Beach program, you’ll learn to accept unpleasant emotions and come to terms with your personal limitations.

Yoga teaches the members of our outpatient detox Delray Beach program how to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. Through yoga, you’ll learn how to use breathing techniques to get control of thoughts and feelings that trouble you.

People in our outpatient detox Delray Beach program also learn self-discipline and self-control through yoga. This is a vital lesson for addicts, who have often struggle with impulsivity issues and a need for instant gratification. Yoga can help you replace harmful reactions with positive, helpful actions.

Yoga also emphasizes the importance of spirituality, which many recovering addicts in the past have found helpful. Part of recovering from addiction is acknowledging the many things you can’t control, and letting go of those things. The spiritual component of yoga helps the people in our outpatient detox Delray Beach program do that.

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