How Massage Therapy Works in Mental Health Recovery

How Massage Therapy Works in Mental Health Recovery

Many people depend on massage therapy to alleviate symptoms of physical illness or injury. But, most people don’t know that massage therapy provides relief from mental illness as well. So, how does massage therapy work to promote healing and symptom relief, and what are the benefits of massage therapy throughout mental health recovery?

Who Can Benefit from Massage Therapy Sessions?

Massage therapy is available at Delray Center for Recovery for individuals living with a number of physical and mental health issues. Some of the issues and symptoms that massage therapy can help to address include:

  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • high-stress levels
  • depression
  • migraines

Massages Can Help to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels

Anxiety disorders and depression typically involve experiencing symptoms including high levels of stress. Stress is a debilitating symptom of mental health issues that can affect a person’s daily life on a negative level. However, individuals who utilize massage find that their stress levels decrease as a result of therapy sessions. This is because the stimulation of the muscles helps to promote relaxation. When we are more relaxed, we are less likely to react to stress in negative ways.

Massage therapy can promote relaxation in as little as 15 minutes, giving people who struggle with high-stress levels the results they need fast. Therefore, making massage therapy sessions are a quick and simple way to address symptoms of anxiety and depression disorders on a weekly basis. Scheduling massage therapy sessions is as easy as taking 30 minutes out of your schedule – helping to promote relaxation and manage stress levels quickly.

It Helps to Relieve Chronic Pain and Other Symptoms of Physical Issues

It’s not uncommon that people who suffer from chronic health conditions or physical injury develop mental health issues like high-stress levels. An elevation in stress levels can make dealing with physical illness or injury even worse, so it’s important for people dealing with these issues to find ways to manage stress. Adding a massage therapy routine for people diagnosed and living with physical ailments such as chronic conditions and injuries can help to reduce stress levels, better manage symptoms of depression, and stimulate relaxation. All of these benefits can help to improve a patient’s state of mind which allows for a better treatment experience for physical ailments and a better chance of recovery.

Massage Can Help With Sleep Issues

Disturbed sleep patterns are consistently an issue with people who suffer from mental health issues like mood disorders, PTSD, and more. Massage therapy helps to promote relaxation, which can also help to improve sleep. Not only does massage help to promote relaxation, but it can also help to reduce pain, which is another cause of sleep deprivation. So, not only can people who are living with mental health issues get better sleep as a result of using massage therapy, but so can people living with chronic pain.

Utilizing Massage Therapy Sessions for Mental Health Issues

If you’re looking for tools outside of traditional mental health treatments and think that massage therapy may be a good asset for your treatment planning, Delray Center for Recovery can help. We provide a number of holistic tools for people who want to better manage the symptoms of their mental health issues, including massage. To learn more about our services, therapies, and treatment approaches, visit us on our website.