Why is Group Therapy for Addiction so Popular?

Why is Group Therapy for Addiction so Popular?

Perhaps you’ve seen in the media, on TV, or in movies, when people are struggling with addiction, they attend group therapy sessions. Or, maybe you know someone in recovery who has told you about a positive experience they’ve had with group therapy for addiction. Regardless, group therapy sessions are a major part of the experience of recovery and are a very helpful tool in the process of treating addiction – which is why it’s so popular. Recognizing why group therapy is so important for the process of addiction treatment and recovery can help people who are considering getting help to accept that group therapy for addiction is something they’ll have to consider.

Some reasons why group therapy is such an important tool for treating addiction include:

It Gives You a Community of Support

Having people in your circle to support your recovery journey is a crucial part of the healing process for people who have struggled with addiction. Group therapy sessions allow you to engage with others who have had similar experiences. And, gain connections with others who can be there to support you on your recovery journey. Having connections and forming bonds with others who share your goals for recovery and understand what you’re going through can be one of the most important things as these individuals can provide you with encouragement when you’re struggling, hold you accountable for the things you do, and give you a listening ear without judgment. While friends and family are awesome supportive outlets, having people who are also on the same road to recovery as you can be even more useful.

Group Therapy Can Help You Have Better Relationships

Many people who are recovering from addiction may have trouble with relationships. This can be due to things they’ve said or done to loved ones during active recovery. Or, because addiction takes hold of a person and keeps them from maintaining a healthy balance in relationships. During group therapy, topics regarding relationships can be talked about as a group – giving people insight into how loved ones feel. Group therapy can also provide tools in order to help maintain healthy relationships. For example, teaching how to set healthy boundaries with others. Furthermore, group therapy sessions are perfect for practicing new relationship tools with others who are also in recovery so that these skills can be used out in the real world with personal relationships you already have.

Group Therapy Can Remind You That You’re Not the Only One Struggling

Addiction is an isolating illness that makes people who are living with it feel like no one else understands. But, group therapy provides a safe and inviting environment in which people who are living with addiction can open up to one another about their addiction experiences. Thus, allowing people who are recovering from addiction to understand that they’re not alone. This can encourage people in recovery to keep going, maintain motivation for treatment and sobriety, and even help them open up to having more meaningful relationships with others.

Group Therapy for Addiction Sessions at Delray Center for Recovery

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