Alternative Therapy Programs in Delray Beach

Drug addicts who have tried and failed traditional sobriety treatments often feel defeated and hopeless in their attempts to stop their drug abuse. But there are plenty of alternative therapy programs in Delray Beach. All of them, some of them or just one of them might work. It is worth a try to overcome something that is ruining your life. There are a few types of these therapies available starting with cognitive therapy.

Cognitive therapy has been increasing in practice in recent years to treat emotional problems as well as alcohol and drug addiction. The therapy has been effective in changing habits and the way addicts think about themselves and their addiction. Cognitive therapy works by having people examine their thoughts, which create their feelings and behaviors. By changing the way they think, they can change their actions. Another type of treatment included in alternative therapy programs in Delray Beach is holistic therapy. Eastern methods of healing and Western psychotherapy are combined to teach recovering addicts how to assess their emotions and manage associated distress.

This is becoming more popular as more success comes of it. A powerful tool to help treat drug addiction is meditation. Guided meditation and positive affirmations help some addicts end their drug addiction. These therapies that work on self-esteem through counseling help to improve confidence and reprogram the thought patterns. New values and a sense of worth are instilled in the mind through meditation techniques.

These and other types of drug treatment therapies have helped many people overcome their addictions and lead sober lifestyles. The Delray Center for Healing is one place you should consider to receive your drug treatment. We have inpatient and outpatient treatment and employ a professional staff dedicated to helping you. For more information on alternative therapy programs in Delray Beach  please give us a call.