Alcoholism Treatment in South Florida

If you are searching and haven’t been able to find alcoholism treatment in South Florida, don’t worry because The Delray Center for Healing has your answer. We have been helping thousands of people suffering from alcoholism by getting them back on track to leading a sober life for many years. Alcoholism destroys the body and its organs over time, causing many serious complications and if left untreated, it could eventually cause death in serious cases.

There are many dangerous side effects, some of them more serious than others. What are some of alcoholism’s side effects you might be wondering now? A lifetime of drinking large amounts of alcohol can cause cancer eventually. Some of the these types of cancer are mouth, digestive tract, and liver cancers. Evidence suggests that this could be because when you drink, the alcohol in your body is converted into a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde. This can damage your DNA and stop your cells from repairing that damage, which can lead to cancer. Alcoholism treatment in South Florida is the solution to becoming sober and not developing cancer in the first place. Another serious side effect from alcoholism is damage to the brain, sometimes referred to as wet brain. Alcohol alters the brain’s chemistry and increases the risk of depression, and is often associated with a range of mental health problems.

A recent British survey found that people suffering from anxiety or depression were twice as likely to be heavy or problem drinkers. As you can see alcoholism is serious and must be treated as soon as possible. For alcoholism treatment in South Florida contact us for more information. The Delray Center for Healing is committed to help you through our effective programs and highly trained staff.