Celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month by Spreading Awareness

Celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month by Spreading Awareness

Delray Center for Recovery offers alcoholism treatment for people who are struggling with alcohol use disorder. As an alcohol recovery center, we aim to spread awareness of alcoholism and the effects it has on individual’s mental health, physical health, and their families. As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, we aim to spread information about alcoholism and its impacts so that more people are aware of this disease and have the information, motivation, and courage that it takes to get help through treatment.

The Importance of Raising Awareness of Alcohol’s Impact

Alcohol awareness month is a dedicated time to spread awareness about the impacts of alcohol and the dangers of alcohol addiction, or alcoholism. When more people spread awareness about alcohol and its impacts, more people become aware of the impacts of alcohol in their own lives. And, have the awareness that’s necessary to get help which can lead to preventing death caused by alcohol. Furthermore, when people come together to spread awareness of the impacts of alcohol, communities can gain knowledge in order to prevent alcohol abuse in generations to come.

Some Statistics About Alcohol Consumption

Understanding more about alcohol consumption statistics can spread awareness about the negative and even fatal impacts of alcohol. Some important statistics regarding alcohol consumption include:

  • from 2015-2019, over 140 thousand people died of excessive alcohol consumption
  • each year, over 3.6 million years of life are lost due to alcohol consumption
  • 17% of adults report binge drinking
  • 6% of adults report heavy drinking
  • alcohol consumption increases risks of physical illness including heart disease, liver disease, cancer, injuries, and more
  • 18% of emergency room hospital visits are due to alcohol consumption
  • the economic cost of alcohol consumption is over $249 billion in the US alone

How Alcohol Awareness Helps Get People Help

Alcohol awareness spreads information to people living with alcohol use disorder so that they understand that treatment is available and effective. Furthermore, it helps gather information so that research can be conducted in order to apply this information to treatment platforms, improving the odds of treatment initiatives. So, awareness for alcohol and Alcohol Awareness Month is crucial to alcohol prevention and saving lives.

Getting Help for Alcoholism Through Alcoholism Treatment

If you think that you or a loved one needs help with alcohol use disorder, alcoholism treatment is available. There are a number of different types of alcohol addiction treatment options to consider. One type, outpatient treatment, is available at Delray Center for Recovery. Here, we provide individuals with both traditional and holistic approaches to treatment, working to treat a person as a whole. Find out more about our intensive outpatient program (IOP) and our partial hospitalization program (PHP) for alcoholism on our website to get help today.