Telltale Signs That You’re Abusing Drugs as a Means to Cope

Telltale Signs That You’re Abusing Drugs as a Means to Cope

No one begins to use addictive substances and thinks that they’re going to develop an addiction. Addiction is a disease that takes form over time and for a number of reasons. But, many people find that they’ve developed addiction as a result of abusing drugs in order to numb emotional pain or cope with unwanted emotions or thoughts. So, if you’re in active addiction and wondering if using drugs to cope is something that has led to your struggle with addiction, there are some signs to look for.

There are some telltale signs that you’re abusing drugs as a way to cope with negative emotions and thoughts including:

You Feel Like You Have to Use Drugs in Order to Have Fun

Do you find that every time you’re out and about with friends you have to use drugs or drink alcohol? Social events are synonymous with drinking and even using party drugs. But, if you feel that you need to drink alcohol or use drugs just to have a good time during social outings, this may be a sign that you’re using these substances to cope. This can include avoiding events that won’t include drinking or drug use and feeling like you need drugs or alcohol to feel self-assured during social gatherings as well.

Craving Drugs or Alcohol During the Day

Do you find yourself daydreaming about getting off of work and having a cold beer, rolling a joint, or breaking out a bag of cocaine? If you’re having cravings to use when you’re not using, like during work or school hours, this may mean that you’re dependent on these substances and have become dependent on them due to the fact that they’re helping you cope with unwanted thoughts or emotions.

Finding it Hard to Sleep Without Using or Drinking

Using addictive substances can change the body’s sleep patterns. So, if you find that it’s hard to fall asleep without first getting inebriated or using your drug of choice, this may mean that your body has changed due to addiction. Sleep issues are common in people who have developed a dependency on addictive substances, whether it means sleeping too much or sleeping too little.

Needing Drugs or Alcohol to Feel Uplifted

Do you reach for your drug of choice in order to lift your spirits? Do you find yourself acting out against loved ones if you’re not high or intoxicated? Addiction can lead to mood swings and affect mood regulation. So, if you find that one of the only things that improve your mood is using your drug of choice, this can signify a dependence on a drug and using drugs or alcohol to cope.

Getting Addiction Help Through Outpatient Treatment

Using drugs or alcohol to cope is a common reason that addiction forms. But, fortunately, there is help available in order to assist you with finding better ways to cope with unwanted emotions and thoughts. Outpatient addiction treatment allows people to get the addiction help they need while not having to give up social responsibilities, work, or school. Delray Center for Recovery offers outpatient addiction treatment services and a number of other therapy services to help people who have developed addictions due to using drugs or alcohol to cope. Find out more about our addiction treatment services from our website.