3 Reasons Outpatient Addiction Treatment is Superior to Inpatient Treatment

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, there’s a way out. And it doesn’t require you to leave your home, school and job to spend weeks or months living in an expensive facility! Outpatient addiction treatment is just as effective as inpatient rehab for those who finish their treatment programs. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider outpatient addiction treatment for your problem.


When you choose outpatient addiction treatment, you can schedule your treatment sessions around your other obligations. You can stay at work, keep going to school, be there for your kids’ school plays and Little League games, and sleep every night in your own comfortable bed.

That’s especially important if you’re a single parent. Who will take care of your kids while you go off to inpatient treatment for 60 to 90 days? Don’t worry about it! With outpatient addiction treatment, you can take care of yourself and become a better parent without worrying about what will happen to your kids while you’re away.


If you go away to an inpatient rehab, people are going to find out you needed to seek addiction treatment. Whether it’s just your own circle or the whole town, having other people discover you’re an addict can be mortifying, and it can damage your future prospects. With outpatient addiction treatment, no one ever need know that you had to get addiction treatment. That’s because you’ll be right where you’ve always been, doing what you’ve always done, and won’t have to explain away a long absence from home.


When you attend outpatient addiction treatment in your own area, you’ll build a network of other people in recovery to whom you can turn for social support and advice throughout your own recovery process. This will be vital, since you’ll probably have to stop seeing many of your old drinking and drugging friends altogether.

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